Micro Splitters are eco friendly

Although micro splitters are a fairly recent addition to our industry, Carpet Cleaner Essex have extolled their virtues as being more eco friendly for carpet cleaning since they first came on the scene several years ago. Micro splitters have allowed us to really maximise the use of a cleaning agent that leaves little  to no residue when rinsed out using a hot water extraction process using just pure water and is therefore much safer for use, when previously people and animals have shown they are  sensitive or intolerant to the usual enzymes, detergent and soap based chemicals that are used by most carpet and upholstery cleaners. Micro splitters tend therefore to be much safer for use around people and their pets. When Micro splitters are applied to whatever is required to be cleaned, they work by breaking the molecular adhesion between the dirt and the fibre it is connected to.

Conventional chemicals have a natural tendency that enables carpets and upholstery to re-soil quicker but this does not happen with micro splitters as they contain none of the agents that cause these problems, the main benefit being that carpets stay cleaner longer and this has been most noticeable in the areas of maintenance cleaning we undertake, practically all our clients have mentioned the fact that carpets seem to stay cleaner for longer periods.

Scotchguard and other stain protectors are also unaffected by micro-splitters whereas in the past there have been issues with residues left from other chemicals used. Micro splitters are also well suited for low moisture bonnet mopping on regular maintenance cleaning with just a small amount of moisture necessary their fore allowing for considerably reduced drying times. This means that carpets can be made available for use very quickly.


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